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Presented by State Library Victoria

collage time!

My latest craft activity in isolation has been collage! What is collage, you may wonder? It’s like a real life pinterest board! Hehe.

a piece of art made by sticking various different materials together

One of the best parts about working with a bunch of librarians is a lot of them seem to have PILES OF MAGAZINES that they’ve been meaning to get rid of that a keen bean like myself can repurpose for collage! YAY!

(not even kidding. this is only a third of them)

I’m not too sure what my collage is going to be about yet as I’m going to tell some kind of story with it, so right now I’m just cutting out pictures that fit the mood.

So stay tuned to see what comes out of this! If you don’t have any magazines one of my fave alternatives is cutting out people you see in the junk mail adverts you get in your mail box and making up stories about them. Try and pinch the Kmart catalogue before your Mum can get to it and go wild! Have you been making anything lately? I want to see!

ALSO please check out my post on queenzai‘s What to do in COVID blog all about my Minecraft adventures

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Ooh! Great job. Thx for adding me in it btw!

26th Aug, 20